The Story About CAPS!

​It’s 2010! A Year When Deliciousness Became Less Complicated

CAPS! founder, a mother of 3 growing boys, stands behind the brand. Back then, she and those three cutie pies couldn’t believe there weren’t real and healthy sweets out there to eat when you deserved them. (Shocking right?) Despite her education in food technology often she felt completely bewildered by reading the ingredients’ list on the back of the candy boxes. She always believed that the art of deliciousness should not be complicated. It’s actually about keeping things as simple and pure as possible! This realization became the turning point in her decision to use her education to take the first steps to create her own decadently delicious yet healthy chocolate confectionary.

She Started CAPS! In Her Forest Kitchen

Yes, she knows- it sounds like a cliché, but well, it’s true. So, without much substantial knowledge about how chocolate is created, lacking external financial resources and business consultant support; despite it all, she started off on a new venture! Just her, her home kitchen surrounded by a quiet, Latvian forest and a strong spirited “Yes, I can” attitude.

She Nailed It And... Failed It

Her very first chocolates were strawberries covered in a thin chocolate layer. All nice, simple and romantic, right? Well not so simple, because the next day when she went to look at the fruits of her labour, she found them already mouldy. Spoiler alert: this was not the moment she bowed out.

Just Chocolate, Real Fruit, Berries And Double Cream.

For her next creative experiment, she used candied berries and fruit from local suppliers. She still remembers the excitement when she tasted the first batch of them. They weren’t too sweet and there was a pleasant complexity to the taste.  She could savour the contrasting, slightly sour taste of blackcurrants and quinces, discern the tiny strawberry seeds and the zesty bitterness from rowanberries. They were excellent! She had done it. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but that is CAPS! simple yet complex!

CAPS! Happily Ever After 

Finally, she launched the CAPS! chocolate factory. Now, literally, everywhere she went she took CAPS! chocolate with her. (Besides that is a good marketing strategy). It might be said, the real characteristics and decadence of chocolate became a part of her as well. 

(Or was it the other way around?)

Since then, with a commitment to use only real ingredients, CAPS! handcrafts indulgent yet healthy chocolate truffles and gluten-free brittles, which capture the surprising and authentic flavours of Nordic berries and fruits.

To this day, CAPS! continues to surprise and inspire...