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We Create High-End Sweets in Latvia. By Choosing Our Choclate You Will Make a Lasting Impression

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Questions We Sometimes Get From Our Customers...

How can I pay for a purchase in the online store?

To pay for your purchase, use one of the following payment methods: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Paypal, Swedbank, SEB, Citadele or Luminor internet bank.

What should I do if my payment is not accepted?

In cases where the payment has been rejected for unknown reasons, we recommend that you try another payment method, but if it is not available, please contact us by e-mail at ilze@tastecaps.com. Payment may not be accepted in cases where incorrect payment information is entered or when there are insufficient funds in the account to make the payment.

Can I cancel my order?

Please contact ilze@tastecaps.com to cancel your order.

Where else can you buy CAPS! Sweets?

RIMI Klēts stores in Alfa and Spicė, Latvian goods stores Riija, Idille, Pienene, Rāmkalnu store in Murjāņi

We are experts in making premium chocolate sweets

And also in customisation of your premium gift for clients, family or friends

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So Many Reasons to Choose CAPS!

We feel that we need to explain why choosing the best quality choclate gifts is so important...

  • Caps! Rupjmaizes dzērveņu šokolādes trifeles

    Amazing and Unforgettable Taste

    Just chocolate, natural fruit, berries, and double cream. A pure Belgian Truffle with a twist. An elegant choice will be the perfect gift to satisfy the sweetest tooths.

  • Eksluzīvs iepakojums šokolādes trifelēm

    Luxurious Packaging

    We offer a wide range of boxes for you to choose - dark, white, with magnet closing or simple cover, silver metal with rounded edges, or our traditional Caps! printed. Choose your favourite and order now.

  • Caps! Šokolādes trifeles, ātra piegāde

    Fast and Caring Delivery

    Delivery time is between 1 to 8 business days. We usually despatch all orders within one working day. Warm weather packaging is also available so you receive CAPS! Chocolate in perfect condition.

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 CAPS! Chocolate Masterclasses

We offer chocolate bar decorating and round truffle tempering (covering) masterclasses. They're suitable for different occasions - pre-wedding party, hands in photo shooting, casual business team event - double date or bunch of friends, colleagues. Our Caps! House of chocolate is extra suited for chocolate shaping and decorating, but we also offer "drive out" at your place.

Pure masterpiece of fine chocolate confection