Painting with Chocolate

The chocolate bar painting masterclass is a creative and tasty activity. Participants paint with brushes on a chocolate "canvas" and then decorate it with berry and fruit candies, whole nuts, various seeds, and other naturally dried crumbs. During this masterclass, you will create your own chocolate artwork.

Chocolate art "Eat the painting"

During the painting process, the owner of Caps! Chocolate house, Ilze, will tell a remarkable story of how Caps! grew from the idea of natural sweets to a Chocolate house with original, flavorful chocolates and cozy, always fragrant Caps! Chocolate house.

In the masterclass, you will receive: 

  • Aromatic tea or Illy coffee and water
  • CAPS! chocolate truffle tasting
  • Interesting facts and stories about chocolate and how it is made in CAPS! Chocolate Factory
  • 10% discount on all CAPS! purchases on the day of the masterclass in the Chocolate House
  • Your handmade chocolate art to go

Duration: 1 h

Price: 18 EUR / per person (tax is included)

Number of participants in the group: 4 to 20 people

Venue: CAPS! Chocolate House, Jaunā Teika, TEODORS ēka, Gustava Zemgala gatve 74/1, Rīga

Application: or +37122009971

We offer to organize this masterclass also on trips. Email to learn more about options. 

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